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Indoor Bowls.

With the change of name of the World Indoor Bowls Council to the International Indoor Bowls Council [ IIBC ] and the affiliation of the IIBC to World Bowls Ltd we now only have one set of Laws for Bowls in England.

All bowls played under the auspices of either Bowls England or the English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd. will be played in accordance with the current edition of the World Bowls Laws of the Sport of Bowls.

Copies of the Law books can be obtained from the English Indoor Bowls Association.

It should be noted that the only difference between the Law Books sold by Bowls England and those sold by the English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd. is that the Domestic Regulations are different.

N.B. Short Mat Bowls, Crown Green Bowls and Carpet Bowls in England continue to play to their own Laws and Rules but the EBUA is NOT involved in this type of game.