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The International Panel

Updated 10th March 2021

The International Panel are responsible for the selection of Umpires and Markers to carry out duties at International events.

The members of this Panel are:-

Vic Perry Development Officer
Bernie Hill Association Secretary
Francis Fletcher Elected Member (August 2019)

The elected member is elected by the membership of the Association at the AGM in accordance with section 5.4 of the Association's Constitution. The appointment of the elected member is for a three year period.



Shall comprise the National Development Officer, Honorary Secretary, and ONE member elected at the AGM. (This appointment is for a period of three years and shall not be extended beyond TWO consecutive terms, i.e. SIX years, but may stand again after a break of THREE years).

Responsibilities :-
1. Shall meet not less than THREE times in a calendar year.
2. Shall appoint a member to act as Co-Ordinator.
3. The Co-Ordinator shall keep notes of the meetings, prepare minutes and circulate to the Committee within SEVEN days. Any comments/amendments to be proposed within a further SEVEN days. The agreed minutes shall be forwarded to the EC, no later than FOURTEEN days, for inclusion at their next meeting.
4. Meetings may be held consecutively with an AGM and/or EC meeting, as well as arranged independently. Such meetings may be in person or via an electronic medium.
5. An up-to-date membership list shall be provided annually by either the Hon Sec or Treasurer as soon as practicable each year, but NOT later than 1st February. The list need only include names, grade, date of grade. From that, the IS will have responsibility for compiling and maintaining the list of umpires approved to carry out international duties.
6. Maintain the list of International Grade Umpires, including a current record, as far as practicable, of their appointments.
7. Ensure the Honorary Secretary provides communication from International and National controlling bodies regarding their requirements for outdoor/indoor events.
8. Appoint appropriate Umpires for the events.
9. Advise the EC of any possible shortfall in numbers, for approval to consider a suitable number of invitees to fulfil the shortfall.
10. Receive accredited assessment forms for prospective candidates from approved Assessors.
11. Request/receive CV's from prospective candidates, and correlate with the relevant Area Secretary.
12. Request any clarification from prospective candidates and/or the Area Secretary, as appropriate.
13. Assess prospective candidates for invitation to be appointed to the International Grade.
14. Advise the EC of new appointees and the event concerned.
15. Review capabilities and competences of the list and adjust as appropriate. This may include retirement from active duties, but the International grade shall not be withdrawn.
16. Upon approval to upgrade, the Appointee shall be presented with an International flash at their first approved event. Arrangement for such presentation shall be made at an appropriate time during the event.


This is the highest grade for an EBUA Umpire and is obtained by selection only.

Applications International Grade Application Form V4 are now welcomed, by the International Selection Committee, to any members wishing to be considered for progression to the International Grade.

Completed forms should be returned Bernie Hill at

The EBUA International umpire is able to officiate at all events governed by the International governing bodies.

However, to officiate at some events such as Commonwealth Games, World Bowls and other events governed by World Bowls Ltd will require the attainment of the World Bowls Ltd International Technical Officials (ITO) assessment which is required to be eligible for selection.

It is important to note that the ITO qualification is a separate process from the EBUA Training & Development Programme.

An umpire can choose to undertake the ITO qualification . The result will not impact on their grade within the EBUA.