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EBUA Marking Awareness Course

One of the priorities in the Training & Development programme was the development of a Markers Course.

A dedicated team of experienced umpire/markers worked hard to develop a formal Markers program that will complement the umpire training process.

An EBUA Markers Course was launched in April 2014.

Now in Autumn 2017 this has been re-launched as a Marking Awareness Course.

These courses are open for both existing members and non-members to attend.

For details of dates and venues please see the Training Calendar page.

The Marking Awareness Courses themselves are run separately from the Training & Development Workshops allowing more time to be spent on the marker training, and also allowing club members who do not wish to become umpires to gain a level of competence in Marking. A Certificate of Attendance will be provided to everyone who attends which can be used as evidence towards an Umpire Qualification.

The Marking Awareness Course is not a qualification. Competency is obtained by experience and assessment and a Certificate of Competence may be awarded to those that have demonstrated that level of competence in accordance with the EBUA Training Manual and DVD.

What are the Next Steps

Once you have attended an EBUA Markers Course what are the next steps. It is important to understand that this course gives only the very basic insight into the principles of marking a singles match and some instruction on some basic measuring exercises. The rest is up to you. Your level of experience and competence will be determined by the future marking duties that you carry out. You have a number of options depending on how you wish to progress:


You may continue to mark local singles matches to gain experience. You may volunteer to mark your club singles finals or you may be happy just to mark for your friends. The basics we have provided on this course will help you hone your skills.


If you decide to progress a little further you may complete the Membership Application Form to join the EBUA. You will be entered on to our database as an EBUA Marker and your local County Coordinator and Area Secretary will be informed so they can put you in touch with your County Mentor. Upon joining the Association you will be issued with a Log Book in which you can record your progress. You may request a working assessment from your Mentor and this will be used as evidence of your competence and experience. Evidence of competence will entitle you to receive a Certificate of Competence as a Marker at Level 1. There are 3 Levels of Marker.

After you have received your Certificate of Competence you will be entitled to wear the EBUA Uniform and a Markers Flash. Your County Mentor will inform you how to obtain these items directly from the EBUA Website. You may continue as an EBUA Marker for as long as you wish and depending on evidence of your competence you may be appointed to competitions up to and including National Championships.


Your final option is to apply to progress as an EBUA Umpire. This you can do at any time and the first rung of the umpiring ladder will be Regional Grade which will allow you to officiate at County and Regional events. Details of the Umpire Training program can be found on the EBUA Website, or upon request from one of the EBUA Officers. A Certificate of Competence for Marking will be issued to those Umpires that have evidenced such competence and experience just as for an EBUA Marker