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Update 6th October 2020

6th October 2020

I'm Angie Thompson

As your newly elected Chair, I would like to introduce myself to those of you I have not yet met and give you some background on myself:

I became an Umpire in 1984 - primarily as a young player who felt that she was being given poor advice on the Laws! My passion for the game continues, supporting my Ilminster Club and Somerset as well as umpiring and marking at all levels. I have had the honour of representing England over the past 18 years at International level and am a current ITO (International Technical Official). Recent retirement has given me the opportunity to contribute more to the Association, especially in these difficult times.

As a Committee we are working hard behind the scenes and using online meeting facilities whenever possible, (which I see as a positive step), adjusting to changing times and the needs of the Association. We are looking to address the backlog in Workshops and Examinations, working within the current Government and Bowls England/EIBA guidelines.

I am keen to hear from members, with any constructive ideas or suggestions to help take the Association forward. Alternatively, each member has a link to the Area Secretary. Don't forget it is OUR association - for us all.

Keep safe and keep the Bowls going!

Angie Thompson

Chair EBUA

6th October 2020

Message from EBUA Chair, Angie Thompson

Dear all,

I am sending this out on behalf of our Association Chair, Angie Thompson:

As Chair of the EBUA, I would like to form a sub-committee in order to 'Refresh' our Constitution and am writing to all members to ask if they would be interested in joining a small group and share knowledge and expertise they may have in this area.

If you are interested, please email Bernie Hill on by 18th October.

Kind regards and keep well.

Bernie Hill
EBUA Secretary

24th September 2020

The latest EIBA Covid-19 directive

Please see the attached link for more information, which starts today.

EIBA New COVID-19 Directive

Bernie Hill
EBUA Secretary.

24th August 2020

EBUA Constitution August 2020

As a result of the AGM 2020 an update of the EBUA's Constitution is now published.

EBUA Constitution 2020

Bernie Hill
EBUA Secretary.

22nd August 2020

AGM 2020 Minutes

Please download the following document.

EBUA AGM 2020 Minutes

Bernie Hill
EBUA Secretary.

18th August 2020

AGM 2020, Closing Comments

Could I just say a big thank you to all that attended the AGM and on line (curtesy of Allan Thornhill) It was very good that the attendees at the meeting agreed to using the system.

There are some pleasant comments being made about the meeting and I am glad that everyone supported the executive over the past few months.

A big thank you is due to all past and present officers and executive for all the time and efforts they have put into the Association over the years.

Jessie Clark
EBUA Deputy Sec.

18th August 2020

Synopsis of the AGM 2020

The AGM on August 16th was attended by 111 members, in person and remotely.

Completed Minutes will be available very shortly, but some of the items included are given below:

New Officers:
Angie Thompson (Chair),
Greg Brown (Deputy Chair),
Bernie Hill (Secretary),
Alexander Wilson (Treasurer).

New Area Secretaries:
Maxine Groce (Area 1),
Bob Penny (Area 3).

Uniform to include navy blue knee length tailored shorts and an option to wear navy blue bowling shoes.
Proxy votes by email will be introduced at the 2021 AGM.
AGM's and SGM's will be able to take place, physically, physically/streamed and online if necessary.

The Association would like to thank Allan Thornhill for his help with the streaming to make this meeting accessible to more members.

Bernie Hill
EBUA Secretary

25th July 2020

EIBA Latest Guidance

Please find issue 4 if the EIBA Guidance to Covid-19
EIBA return to bowls from Covid-19 Issue 4 Jul2020

Stay safe and healthy.

22nd July 2020

All Workshops and MACs scheduled this year are now Cancelled

Due to the current restrictions, no Workshops or MACs will be held until further notice.

Jessie Clark
EBUA Deputy Secretary

22nd July 2020

Keith Taylor

The Association is saddened to hear of the death of Keith after a very short illness. He was a Hampshire umpire and had retired form umpiring for the last three years.

Our thoughts are with his family at this very sad time.

2nd June 2020

New Release of Crystal Mark Third Edition

Hot off the press, World Bowls have just released a new issue of 'Crystal Mark Third Edition' Go to this WEB Page . There are two blue download buttons. One will provide a .pdf copy of the Laws and the other details the amendments.

13th May 2020

Bowls England Holding Statement
12th May 2020

Goog Morning,

Please click on the link below. It is a Statement made by BE on the reopening of Bowling Greens.

See URL Link: BE Holding Statement

Please take care of yourselves and stay safe and healthy.

Phyl Jones

8th May 2020

It's there now

Our private Facebook group "EBUA members" is now in place and now has 60 members. This is a tremendous growth rate, keep it going.

Do read the simple rules, keep it light, then get on with chatting through the things in our world that interest you.

Please tell other members of this new communication channel, keep well.

Phyl Jones

7th May 2020

Somethings coming

We have been told for some time that there is something missing.

Well, we have checked ourselves over and found that what we don't have is a Facebook Group!

At last that is on the way. We will be opening a Facebook Group for you this Friday.

Sign-on to Facebook or Registered and look for the Private Group "EBUA members" then make a request to join.

Your name will be checked against a list of paid up EBUA Members and you be granted access.

The moderators/administrators are Bernie Hill (Area Secretary for area 1), who nudged us into finally creating this private group, Ron Eden (who manages the WEB site), Ian Higton (Treasurer) and Lesley Dearlove.

Phyl Jones

29th April 2020

Some thoughts for our Marker Members

So, you had a diary full of bowls matches and competitions to play in and you were looking forward to using your skills as a marker for singles matches. Suddenly the whole lot has vanished! The garden is getting to look very tidy and the lawn is looking better than for years? The car is so clean it dazzles. How are you going to fill your time now? Read a book or four? Can I make a suggestion?

The next step in the EBUA is to train to be a regional grade umpire. I'm sure you were told that the first step in this was some 'paperwork'. That paperwork is what you will have heard of as 'the 100 questions' the name is a good hint to what it is! A question paper consisting of 100 questions. When you apply to train you get a copy of the Laws of the Sport and the umpire Home study manual for you to work through to help you with this and your area secretary, county coordinator or marker mentor are here to provide support.

When people suggested to you that you might like to do those questions in preparation to coming to an 'umpire weekend' you were 'too busy'! Now your diary is certainly very much emptier, in fact, I suspect like the rest of us you have loads of time! So, what about spending some of that time working your way through those questions in preparation for attending the practical weekend whenever we are all 'free', and they can be run?

How do you go about getting what you need to make that start? Well, visit and then the section of our site outlining the training procedure under the Umpire Training menu and umpire training item for details.

But it costs money to register to begin training? Read on a bit further down that page and you will see that there are now bursaries of up to £100 available from Bowls England towards that training (and equipment) that you can claim when you have passed your exam to be an umpire.

Give it a thought and investigate our site for the full information? Will I be welcoming you as a new umpire and at the Leamington Championships in future years?

Phyl Jones
EBUA Secretary

27th April 2020

Gordon Walker

The Association is saddened to hear of the death of Gordon Walker from Yorkshire.

Gordon was a true bowls supporter and friend to so many. He was an umpire for many years.

Our thoughts are with his wife Doreen and family at this very sad time.

24th April 2020

Wye Paine

Wye Paine was a Barbadian; and could be seen wearing her countries colourful dress around the bowling circuit. She was a chiropodist by profession married to a medical officer who was in the army.

She played bowls at Desborough in Maidenhead and was a Berkshire Umpire, retiring 15 years ago. Wye reached the grand old age of 97 on the 5th March 2020, but sadly died two days ago.

Wye will be well remembered.


24th April 2020

John Jenkins

John was involved in a car accident on the 22nd April. Unfortunately, he did not survive; His wife, Sheila, is in hospital in and underwent surgery yesterday.

John was a Leicestershire National Umpire and Chairman of Leicestershire County he was also a Past President for the County.

We extend out condolences to Sheila and family at this sad time.

23rd April 2020

Mike Manns

We have just received the sad news that Mike Manns died last Friday night of a stoke.

He had been a member of the Association for more than 20 years and responsible for all the MACs in Wiltshire, Somerset, and Gloucestershire. He took over the role of Gloucestershires County Coordinator when position became vacent.

Mike worked hard for us and will be greatly missed.

Our thoughts are with Wendy, his wife and family at this sad and difficult time.

7th August 2020

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Ron Eden WEB Manager