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Updated 7th August 2020

A Poem

As I gaze across the barren green where once was you and I
I wonder, how soon will we hear that old familiar cry.
How near, how far, or even should I

The one has played and touched the jack,
Has even some chalk,
But then again, it is early days says his mate
He's only just learned to walk.

Now the two takes his stand and thinks
The line is a little tight
But then again the three is next
So if I don't get in he/she will make it right.

Now it's the turn of the three who starts to think,
How am I going to get that shot?
I'll play my bowl and watch the skip
I'll know If It's made it or not

AS we cross mid-green, I glance at the skip
His/her face a pretty picture
You should have, you could have, or even you did not.
As we (the rest of the team) assemble at the other end

We utter that old plaintive cry
It's up to you now skip and watch as his/her bowl pass us by.
But the sun is shining and the birds are singing
the game is well and truly on we know oh so well

The game is not over till the last bowl is played and
the skip being our skip, we won by one.

Paul Johnson
Regional Umpire

15th April 2020

Leamington Championships 2021

Evening Team,

I have just received this BE Schedule for the National Championships 2021, so I thought I would let you have this as soon as possible. Please note the later start date if the 7th August and finish date of the 5th September. The Top Club, men and women, is back to its normal date later in September, 18th and 19th.

When I get more information I will make sure that it appears here on the website, but I hope this lets you plan your 2021 summer!.

See URL Link: BE Championship Schedule 2021

Please take care of yourselves and stay safe and healthy.

Phyl Jones

10th April 2020

Umpire Certificate expiry dates

Hi everyone,

The first thing I must say is that I hope you are all safe and well wherever you are! Please do your best to keep it that way! We will be needing you all when life returns to whatever emerges as 'normal'.

The Executive Committee discussed the question of the expiry of umpires certificates and decided that in view of the complete lack of any umpiring duties for a period that will last for an indeterminate time all certificates would be extended for 12 months.

When the 'pause' is over your area secretaries will be arranging the usual 'umpires weekends' and you should be notified (and the dates appear in the 'training calendar' on the site) and I will put an announcement on the site to let you know more detailed arrangements.

Please everyone stay safe and healthy

Phyl Jones

2nd April 2020

News Letter from Bowls Development Alliance(BDA)

I have just received a new letter from our secretary, Phyl, sent by BE on behalf of the Bowls Development Alliance, which is working with "Play Bowls". So rather than just publishing this month's new letter as requested I have added a Link to Play Bowls, simply because it contains lots of interesting items. To get to the actual newsletter use the new Play Bowls link and select "get-involved/newsletters" and look for the latest, dated April 2020. Happy exploring

Ron Eden, EBUA WEB Master.

31st March 2020

Expenses Claims Form V2-1

This is an update to the Expences Claim Form released earlier this month,
I unfortunately gave an incorrect postcode.
Please use this updated form for all future claims, click on the link below. Ian's address can also be found under Officers.

Expenses Claim Form V2-1    

Ron Eden, EBUA WEB Master.

29th March 2020

Information from Bowls England

Because of the way this information, from Bowls England, was sent to us I have copied it to a Word file. The following link will enable you to access this file.

Two BE Statements 29th March 2020

Ron Eden, EBUA WEB Master.

24th March 2020

Further updates from our National Bowls Associations

The following items have been extracted from emails sent to our Secretary and published for your information.

Bowls England

SIGN UP FOR NEWS, CHAT, KEEP FIT AND CLASSIC MATCHES Bowls England is committed to keeping our members fully informed, particularly during this period of isolation. We will be issuing regular updates via our e-newsletter - to subscribe and receive all of the latest news straight to your inbox, simply visit the Bowls England website and add your email address to the relevant area at the bottom of the homepage.

We will shortly be launching our official Bowls England Podcast "The Extra End", with Bowls International editor Sian Honnor chatting to our Chief Executive Tony Allcock OBE in episode one.

We are also in the process of providing a Keep Fit guide advising all members of appropriate ways to stay healthy in the comfort of your own home.

Support will be provided for all clubs, as well as opportunities to enjoy your time at home with some bowls-related quizzes and some classic matches from yesteryear.

Matt Wordingham
Publications / Media Officer

English Indoor Bowls Association

Please find the latest EIBA statement, this has also been posted on the EIBA website
(See Link Below)

Regards Joanne

Joanne Shore
International and Communications Administrator
English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd
Tel No. 01664 481900

EIBA Statement 24th March 2020

21st March 2020

Updates from our National Bowls Associations

The following items have been extracted from emails sent to our Secretary and published for your information.

Bowls England

BOWLS ENGLAND OFFICE CLOSURE The Bowls England Head Office will close with effect from close of business on Friday 20th March.

All staff (including Coach Bowls employees) will work from home in accordance with Government guidance with effect from Monday 23rd March - support for Clubs and County Associations will continue as normal.
Understandably, the Office has been inundated with enquiries from our clubs and county associations, and we will ensure that each and every enquiry is responded to. However, our priority on Friday 20th March will be ensuring that the staff team is able to work from home effectively from next Monday.

Members are requested not to call the Bowls England Head Office unless essential, but to contact Bowls England via the form available at Also see added link below.

Matt Wordingham
Publications / Media Officer

BE Covid19 FAQ 21th March 2020

English Indoor Bowls Association

Please see attached statement, as a URL Link below, extracted from the EBIA WEB Site. It outlines the key decisions made by English Indoor Bowls Association Ltd on Wednesday 18th March 2020.

EIBA National Competitions update

19th March 2020

EIBA Updated Statement on Covid19


Please see attached statement, as a URL Link below, extracted from the EBIA WEB Site. It outlines the key decisions made by English Indoor Bowls Association Ltd on Wednesday 18th March 2020.

EIBA Statement on Covid19 18th March 2020

18th March 2020

BE Statement on Covid19


Circulation: County Administrators/County Authorised Representatives/Life Members/Honorary Members/International Team Managers/Regional Selectors/ Copy to: Board/Staff/Warwick District Council

Dear all,

Please see attached statement, as a URL Link below, outlining key decisions following discussion by Bowls England Board on Tuesday 17th March 2020. A news item, which you will also receive, will be published on our various communication channels shortly.

Kind regards

Tony Allcock OBE
Chief Executive Bowls England

See URL Link: BE Statement on Covid19 18th March 2020

14th March 2020


With the Government announcing yesterday that we were entering the "Delay" phase to address the spread of "COVID-19" in England, The EIBA has decided to postpone The Nottingham National Championship.

See URL Link: EIBA Statement 13th March 2020

Furthermore we, the EBUA, have decided to stop registering any new Umpire Workshops and Markers Awareness Courses until further notice. Those Workshops and Courses detailed on the EBUA WEB Site "Umpire Training/Training Calendar" page will proceed as normal, however should the above status change they may be postponed.

Vic Perry EBUA National Development Office.

4th March 2020

Expenses Claims Form V2

The Association now has a new Treasurer, Ian Higton. I have produced a revised Expences Claim Form, which has Ian's contact details. Please use this new form for all future claims, click on the link below. Ian's address can be found under Officers.

Expenses Claim Form V2    Revised March 2020

Ron Eden, EBUA WEB Master.

13th February 2020

New Regional Umpires

We are very pleased to announce and thank Bowls England's for their new initiative to create a Bursary that will reward newly qualified Regional Umpires. This will be available to all those who qualify from the start of 2020.

The Bowls England application form will be part of the qualifying paperwork received by all new Regional Umpires. Those who have become Regional since 1st January 2020 should apply to me.

The applicant can receive up to £100 if supported by relevant receipts plus a copy of the Regional certificate and approved by the BE Bursary Board.

Vic Perry, EBUA Development Officer

30th December 2019.

Markers for the Indoor Nationals at Nottingham 2020

I know some of you have been waiting for these forms to appear so that you can volunteer to mark at Nottingham.

Here they are! Please pay attention to the closing date of 26 January 2020 so that Vic can get his markers selected and the duties they will do organised.

Also on the site is the form to volunteer to work at Leamington in August (see below), while you are enjoying the New Year break and all that brings it might be a good time to look at that and get your application in! Just to help you here is the link to the form. The closing date is 8 February 2020.

Phyl Jones

  • Nottingham 16,17 March 2020
  • Nottingham 25,26,27 March 2020
  • Nottingham 1,2,3 April 2020

  • 19th December 2019.


    Congratulations to the following who were recently successful is passing the World Bowls International Technical Official examination.

    Tony Hatch
    Bernie Hill
    Sue Mates
    Bob Penny

    Well done to the four of you!

    Phyl Jones

    19th December 2019.

    Outstanding expenses payments.

    I know some of you have been waiting for some time for expenses payments that you have claimed, and the Executive Committee have been trying to get your monies to you as soon as was possible. Our bank unfortunately doesn't seem to have been going along with this and we are still having problems making electronic payments. The only solution to get you all your money is to issue you with cheques. This will, I hope, begin to happen next week. If any of you would have a problem with being sent a cheque, please let me know, and I will try and find a way around it, but it might well mean that we won't be able to pay you until the electronic service is running again.

    Mavis Wellington

    19th December 2019.

    Do you want to do help run the Association by taking on the role of Treasurer?

    As you know from posts here on our web site the Treasurer of this Association has resigned.

    The executive committee discussed the position over the weekend, and we are now asking for anyone who is interested in taking on this post to contact me, who can let you have an outline of the duties etc.

    Mavis Wellington

    19th December 2019.

    Merry Christmas

    I'd like to take this chance to wish all our members a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year from myself, all the Officers and members of the Executive Committee.
    I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for all the hard work you have put in on behalf of our Association throughout the year. It always makes me pleased and proud to receive the thanks that I get from those who have used us during the year, and this is my opportunity to pass that on to you, the members.
    I look forward to seeing many of you at Leamington and all those other venues in the year, and feeling pride watching you undertaking duties on behalf of the Association.

    Thank you again for all that you do on behalf of the Association.

    Merry Christmas
    Mavis Wellington

    25th November 2019.

    Leamington 2020

    The form for you to use to make yourself available to work at Leamington next August is now available and can be downloaded using the link below.

    There are some things to note

    • Please do not convert it to a PDF when returning it to me as this sometimes makes it difficult to print.

    • The final day is Bank Holiday Monday and the Top Club has been inserted here - sorry to those who like their couple of days in Leamington in September. Those of you who keep an eye on the BE site will have seen that this is to aid preparation of the greens for the Commonwealth Games. Times of sessions on that and the previous days are a bit fluid, but I'll try and let you know when I do!

    • Closing date for you to send the forms back to me is 8 February 2020, really that is the date no variation!

    I'll try and get your sessions allocated and you advised as soon as I can after the closing date, but it is a huge job just to work out the allocation and it can only best be done in short sessions. Then it needs to be communicated to you via your individual forms.

    I look forward to receiving many many of these forms for you all. We had more people working at Leamington this August than ever before, can we increase the number of you who volunteer for next year?

    Remember those of you who are markers when you have your Competency Level 3 certificate you are entitled to apply to mark at Leamington so why not volunteer for August 2020?

    Phyl Jones

    Leamington August 2020

    5th November 2019.


    Hi Everyone

    I am sorry that some of you have been waiting a long time for expenses etc payments to be paid to you, and others to have payments you have sent in progressed.

    As you know the Treasurer resigned which in itself caused a delay. This was enhanced by the necessity to assemble all the paperwork etc.

    I had hoped then to be in a position to at least keeping things ticking over, but fate intervened and I have had to spend a few days in hospital. Now I am at home I am starting to make some progress to 'get things sorted' (with the help of some of the EC) so hopefully we will at least be able to get a 'skeleton service' up a running in the next couple of weeks.

    Phyl Jones

    11th October 2019.

    Mrs. Sandra Cooper has resigned as Treasurer of this Association as of 25 September 2019. An Officers meeting has been held where it was decided to call a Special Executive Committee meeting as soon as practicable.

    Mavis Wellington, Chairman.

    11th September 2019

    Indoor National Finals 2020

    Are you a national grade umpire looking to gain experience?

    We are in the process of assembling the umpiring teams for these events at Nottingham I.B.C. for 2020

    Next year they are running from

    16 March to 28 March 2020


    1 April to 9 April 2020

    We will probably be dividing the first period into two halves to give more people an opportunity to gain experience, so please don't be stopped from volunteering by the length.

    You will be expected to work as part of a team (under two team leaders) and stay throughout the period to which you are allocated in pre-booked hotel rooms. You also need to be aware that the days are long, and it is a tiring experience for those involved.

    If you are interested in these duties, please contact me by 28th September 2019 (at stating which period you would like to be considered for.

    I will be issuing the usual applications to mark at these events nearer the time.

    Phyl Jones

    30th July 2019

    Val Coldwell

    The Association would like to send congratulations and all best wishes to Val Coldwell of Blackpool who has been made a Life Member of Bowls Lancashire.

    Val was the EBUA Area Secretary for Area One for many years [ our girl in the North ] as well as being a Tutor and a member of the EBUA Development Committee. It will be strange next week at Leamington for the National Finals not to see her in the Umpire's office.

    Val Coldwell

    The photo shows Val being presented with her certificate of life membership by Bowls Lancashire President, Martin Gale at the Lancashire County Finals Day on Saturday 27th July 2019.

    4th June 2019

    18 Ends

    Members are reminded that the following Bowls England Competitions and Championships will be played over 18 ends.

    Tony Allcock Trophy - National Club Mixed Over 60s Double Rink Competition

    Ladies Senior Pairs - Over 55

    Men's Senior Pairs - Over 55

    Ladies Senior Fours - Over 55

    Men's Senior Fours - Over 55

    Ladies Junior Pairs - Under 25

    Men's Junior Pairs. - Under 25

    4th June 2019

    New Policies

    At the Executive meeting held on Sunday 2nd June 2019 the following Policies were approved.

    General Data Protection Regulations GDPR

    Use of Measuring Equipment.

    These can be found on the Documents and Polices page. or downloaded below.


    General Data Protection Regulations Policy

    Measuring Equipment Policy

    31st January 2019

    Anita Hawes.

    We are very sad to hear of the recent death of Anita Hawes.

    All the lady umpires owe her a great debt.

    In the 1970s she was one of the ladies trained so that they could officiate at the Women's World Championships in Worthing in 1977. After that she became one of the ladies who travelled the country examining prospective lady umpires and after the formation of the English Women's Umpiring Association in 1980 she served on the executive committee for many years. Anita also umpired at the 1996 and 2004 World Bowls as well as officiating at many Home Internationals, both indoors and outdoors, and acting as co-ordinator for the Women's National Indoor Championships for many years. Although not so active in recent years she was always there to give advice when needed.

    Phyl Jones

    5th January 2019

    Annual Subscriptions

    These are due with effect from 1st January 2019 and the current subscription is 10.00 per year.

    Our Treasurer, who only took on the job last September, reports that there would appear to be some confusion in that some members are contacting her and saying that they were expecting a reminder.

    The easiest way to pay, for both yourself and the Association, is to set up a Standing Order; then you will not have to remember to do anything each year. Please download the form as below and send it to your Bank.

    If you use on-line banking then you may well be able to use that to set up a new standing order but please double check that you have the account number etc. correct

    If you are not prepared to set up a Standing Order, then please send a cheque for 10.00 to the Treasurer. Please include your name and address and your old address if you have recently moved to a new house.

    Please Click Here to download the Standing Order form.

    Please pay by Standing Order if at all possible.

    Ken Bickley

    20th November 2018

    EIBA Competitions.

    Stamping of Bowls.

    As members will be aware, the EIBA decided to move from the WIBC Laws of the Sport of Indoor Bowls to the World Bowls Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark Third Edition with effect from the start of the 2018/2019 Indoor season in England.

    Unfortunately, the EIBA have not, as yet, introduced any Domestic Regulations in accordance with Law 57.1 or amended their COP [ Conditions of Play ] for their National Championships.

    This has led to many queries about the date stamp required on bowls for EIBA competitions.

    Members attention is drawn to the document on the EIBA web site on stamping of bowls which can be found at which maintains the status quo from previous years.

    To view the document click here

    In Plain English there is no change from last season!

    15th October 2018

    Bowls England COP Changes

    Members attention is drawn to the changes being made by Bowls England to their Championship and Competition Regulations for 2019

    Details can be found at

    or by clicking here

    29th September 2018

    Val Coldwell

    We were all shocked to receive her resignation from Val just after the end of the Championships at Leamington.

    Many of you will know her as one of 'the two' in our office at Leamington working very hard for us all throughout the whole month of the Championships to make sure that all the matches needing them had markers and/or umpires, the 'county boards' were with the umpires to put up or that the scorecards were with umpires to give to markers. Staying in the evening until the last match of the day has finished - sometimes very late into the evening - ensuring that everything is packed away.

    Some of you will know Val as our 'representative in the north' - Area Secretary for Area One, probably the largest and most spread-out of the six areas. The job of Area Secretary is hard enough without having an area the geographical size that Val had, where to meet members, officiate at a match or run a training course meant a very long drive. She has been doing this for very many years, having been a Zone Representative in the pre-unification Ladies Umpires Association, and so has acquired a huge amount of knowledge and experience.

    Val was also one of the National Tutors so some of you will have seen her in that capacity not only delivering umpire seminars but also the Marking Awareness Course and benefited from her knowledge.
    Some of you many even have seen her on the tv!

    All of these things mean that Val's resignation is a big blow to the Association in very many different ways, but it also means that I think she has earned the right to now spend some 'quiet' time with Eric, her husband! That we will miss her help and the experience gained over all the years goes without saying, but I have no doubt she will be there to give advice to her successors when they need it! I will personally miss her as someone I could go to for advice and help when I needed to know things like who could do what and how things are run. Not having her in the Office at Leamington is something that will need getting used to!

    Thank you Val!

    Bernie Hill has agreed to take on the responsibility for Area One, trying to step into those shoes will not be easy, but I know she will try her hardest. Good luck Bernie

    Phyl Jones

    27th September 2018

    Indoor Law Change

    Members attention is drawn to the announcement by the English Indoor Bowling Association, today 27th September 2018, that with immediate effect all Indoor Bowls played under their auspices will be played in accordance with the current edition of the World Bowls Laws of the Sport of Bowls.

    The current edition, as at 27th September 2018, is the Crystal Mark Third Edition.

    The EIBA announcement can be found here or on their web site at

    At present we still await publication of their Domestic Regulations ( if any ) and the updating of their Conditions of Play ( National Championship Rules ) to reflect this change.

    Whilst the EIBA state that they will be selling copies of the Crystal Mark edition of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls I do not expect that their will be any changes to the basic Laws as the only thing that they can do is implement Domestic Regulations, and only when these Domestic Regulations have been approved by World Bowls.

    When a revised COP and any DR are released they will be announced on this web site.

    Ken Bickley

    27th October 2018

    22nd September 2018

    Some Good-byes and Thanks.

    Those of you who were at the AGM will know that Ray Keen and Bob Penny have now 'retired' as Area Secretaries. Both have held those posts for several years, and we thank them for all the work that they have put into the Association over the years.

    Some members have volunteered to take over the their areas. Tony Hatch has taken over from Bob and Steve Alway will be taking over from Ray in the next couple of weeks we wish them well with their new areas.


    12th September 2018

    Bowls England News

    The following has been sent to all County Associations by Bowls England and is reproduced here for your information.

    National Championships 2022

    Bowls England wishes to inform County Associations that, contrary to some rumors currently circulating, the National Championships will be held at Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa, in 2022. It is however expected that the dates will not follow the current week numbers due to the Commonwealth Games being held during July and subsequent availability of the park. Bowls England will communicate dates at the earliest opportunity following consultation with key stake-holders including the Commonwealth Games Federation and Warwick District Council.

    National Senior Fours Championship

    The Board of Bowls England, at its meeting in August, resolved that from 2019 the Senior Fours Championship for men and women will be played over 18 ends in all rounds (including county qualifying stages). This will bring the event in line with the British Isles.

    Rules and Regulations - Review

    The Board of Bowls England, at its meeting in August, resolved that a full review of the Rules and Regulations covering Championships and Competitions be undertaken following the conclusion of the National Championships. Any changes will be circulated to County Associations by the end of September 2018.

    24th July 2018

    Retirement of Vernon Findell as Treasurer.

    You will all have seen Vernon's email to you all concerning his retirement from the post of Treasurer at our forthcoming AGM (18 August). Below you will find the letter he sent to the Executive with that retirement.

    The Executive Committee have asked me to write a short note to express our thanks and appreciation to Vernon for the work he has put into looking after the finances of the Association for so many years. To fully express the amount of that work, and what we owe him can certainly not be expressed in a 'short note', all I can do is make it plain that we appreciate all he has done over so many years.

    We also must thank him for stepping in when the Association urgently needed a Secretary, despite his feelings at the time. That action kept the Association functioning at a very very difficult time, and we must not underestimate the effort it cost him.

    I am sure that we all wish Vernon the very best of retirements, although I know he has lots of things in his life, other than being Treasurer of this Association, to fill his time!

    Phyl Jones

    bullet Please see letter from Vernon

    12th January 2018


    You need to take action if you want to mark at Leamington (or be considered for marking at 'County' level).

    Contact your Area Secretary now so that you can be put in contact with your marker mentor who will help you establish and improve your marking competency level so that you will be ready for the coming outdoor season.

    You can find an outline of the new marker qualification scheme here.

    Don't know who your Area Secretary is? Follow this link and click on your Area No. to find your Area Secretary's contact details.

    Phyl Jones

    4th November 2017

    Markers - Are you confused by what is happening now?

    Many of you will have noticed that your 'Marker' certificate' showed that it ran for four years, and that time is up, or about to be.

    Knowing that this date was approaching the National Development Officer (Vic Perry) has been working on a revised programme for markers which launched at the beginning of October. This is very different from the old system, as it introduces a series of 'grades' of marker, based on your competence level as a marker demonstrated to a County Mentor, and showing the level that you have achieved, confirmed by a Certificate of Competence. You will need a Level 3 Competence to mark at Leamington.

    You can find the details of this scheme at Marking Awareness Course together with actions you can take to progress as a marker.

    30th May 2017

    Commonwealth Games 2018


    We are delighted to announce that the following ITO members of the EBUA have been chosen (subject to confirmations) to work at the Commonwealth Games in Australia in 2018.

  • Dan Bluett
  • Ray Keen
  • Angie Thompson
  • Allan Thornhill
  • Well done to all of you.

    14th January 2017

    World Bowls Law Change.

    Members attention is drawn to the changes to Laws D2, 52.1.3, and 53.1 which were passed at the World Bowls Council Meeting held in Christchurch, New Zealand on 5 December 2016.

    In short this removes the requirement for large grooved rings on the non-bias side of the bowls.

    For full details please see the document WB Law Change 5 December 2016 by clicking here.

    14th January 2017

    Shot Spotter

    Transparent frame measuring device.

    As from the start of the 2017 outdoor season the use of the "Transparent frame measuring device with concentric circles" will and must be allowed to be used by all players during their game, as per World Bowls directive.

    They are not for us to use as a marker or umpire and they will not be part of our official kit.

    Vernon Findell, Association Secretary.

    25th February 2016

    Aero Trifecta Bowls.

    On 9th February 2016 the English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd issued an addendum to the statement that they issued in July 2015.

    This can be read by clicking here

    Your attention is drawn to an Official Statement issued on Monday 27th July 2015 by the English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd regarding the potential health risks associated with the use of Aero Trifecta Bowls.

    This can be read by clicking here