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National Training Programme

The programme is led by the Development Team who coordinate a panel of National Tutors and National Examiners and ensure that teaching methods, workshop structure and examination procedures remain consistent.

January 2014

Updated 20th October 2020

A review has been undertaken of the procedures and structure of the training programme. Details of the new Training Programme and Procedures can be found in the Guide to Training and Development.

Guide to Training and Development

A summary of the process is given below:

EBUA Marking Awareness Course

Details of the EBUA Marking Awareness programme can be found on the Marking Awareness Course page..

New Regional Umpire Applicants

New applicants will undergo training via a Home Study Pack. This pack contain the Home Study Manual, DVD, Law Book and Theory Workbook.
The Home Study Pack provides everything that a new applicant requires in order to attend a training workshop and take their first examination.

  • The Workbook is a written open book theory paper supported by the Home Study Pack.
  • Practical Training Workshops provide the candidate with practical measuring tuition and discussion on some of the practical laws.
  • The Regional Umpire examination includes measuring practical and theory questions.

If successfully completed the new applicant will be awarded an EBUA Regional Umpire certificate valid for 4 years, and a log book to record all your duties in.

Cost: £48.00

We are very pleased to announce and thank Bowls England's for their new initiative to create a Bursary that will reward newly qualified Regional Umpires. This will be available to all those who qualify from the start of 2020.

The Bowls England application form will be part of the qualifying paperwork received by all new Regional Umpires. Those who have become Regional since 1st January 2020 should apply to me.

The applicant can receive up to £100 if supported by relevant receipts plus a copy of the Regional certificate and approved by the BE Bursary Board.

Vic Perry, EBUA Development Officer

Regional Umpire to National Umpire

Umpires wishing to upgrade from Regional Level to National Level must complete the following elements of training and have at least 2 years experience:

  • A theory workbook supported by the Home Study materials
  • A practical workshop
  • A practical and theory examination

If successfully completed the Regional Umpire will be awarded an EBUA National Umpire certificate valid for 4 years.

Cost: £20.00

Continual Assessment

The Training and Development of Umpires is an ongoing process and each qualified member must complete a four yearly examination:

  • 4 yearly workshop and examination including practical measuring and theory questions

If successfully completed the Umpire will be awarded a certificate at their current grade valid for 4 years.

Cost: £20.00

Home Study Manual updated pages, 20 Oct 2020

We have updated several pages of the Home Study Manual dated Jan 2015. A reprint is needed but until this happens please see this .pdf document, which contains several pages that need to be replaced.

Chapter 5 page 25, Exercise 8 reworked.
Chapter 7 pages 1,2,3 & 4 Learning the Laws of the Sport, wording changes.

Vic Perry, EBUA Development Officer.